Frequently Asked Questions about Memory Quilts or T-shirt Quilts

Question:How many t-shirts do I need?                     

Answer: 14-16 for the Traditional lap quilt (54 x 54)
                  20-26 for the Modern lap quilt    (68 x 73)
                  45-56 for a Queen size quilt (90 x 108)

Question: Can other pieces of clothing be used?
Answer: Yes, for this reason I don't like to call my quilts t-shirt quilts!   Any memorable fabric can be used! Below is a list of items other than t-shirts that can be used:

  • mesh jerseys
  • high performance shirts like Under Armour
  • long sleeve and short sleeve knit shirts,
  • golf shirts
  • men's and women's bathing suits
  • long sleeve, cotton button down shirts
  • sweat shirts
  • flannel or fleece pants
  • fleece pull overs                                          
  • all baby clothing
  • baby blankets
  • ties and handkerchiefs
  • cotton bed sheets
  • high school varsity letters, jacket or sweater
  • suspenders or aprons
  • boy scout badges
  • girl scout badges
  • baseball patches
  • canvas bags with nice logos on them
  • beach towels

Shown in this quilt are the following items:

  • Baptismal cap and outfit
  • graduation gown
    • felt Confirmation banner

Question: What items DO NOT work in my quilts?

Answer: I try my best to incorporate all of your special items, but there are some  items that simply do not work

  • Anything with ruffles or pleats
  • Items with smocking
  • Super thick sweater with large gauge
  • Garments that have rhinestones or other "bling" all over .  A little bit of bling is fine, but too much is bad
  • Sports jerseys and baseball uniforms with logos across the front that have buttons down the front.  I can use the back but not the front.
Question: What do I need to begin the process?
Answer: Send me your meaningful clothing
                a completed order form (click here for order form),
                 a deposit check of $100.00 sent to
                     Molly Fisher
                    422 Militia Dr.
                     Lansdale, PA 19446
                   The balance is due upon completion        
                   of the quilt.

Question: How do I get my t-shirts to you?
Answer: You can mail them to me via UPS or regular
                mail to 422 Militia Dr. Lansdale, PA 19446
               or if you are local I like to set up an     
               appointment with you to deliver the t-shirts to

              me and show you samples of quilts.

Question: Do I need to wash the t-shirts?
Answer: Yes, all shirts should be washed.  If you
                have purchased any brand new t-shirts
                to add to the quilt, these must be washed
                and dried at least once to pre-shrink the

Question: What do you back the quilt with?   
Answer: You get to choose the backing: either
                 100% cotton or super soft flannel.

Question:  Do I get to choose the colors?
Answer: Yes! You choose the colors used in the
                 sashing for the traditional quilt and the
                color for the
backing for either quilt that
                you choose. It is fun to choose either high
               school or  college colors.

Question: How can I reach you?
Answer:  I can be reached via: phone-yes! I still

                like to talk on the phone:  215-855-9783

                FB: Memory Quilts b y Molly       

Question: How do I know you are working on the quilt?
Answer: I will email you digital pictures of the quilt 

                 regularly while I am working on it.
                It is fun to  share the creation with you!
                I will even upload the photos to the website.

Question: How long does it take to make a quilt?
Answer:  It takes about 10-12 weeks from the time I
                 receive your order and the t-shirts.  As of February,   
                 2013, I need at least 10-14 weeks due to the amount
                 of order that I have.

Question:  Should I cut the t-shirts?
Answer:  There is no need for you to cut any of the
                 shirts, please allow me to do that. Also please DO NOT
                 put tape on the shirts to illustrate the portions you would
                 like included. Tape is sticky and hard to remove.  Simply
                 add a safety pin to the collar of the side of the shirt that you
                 want included. If you want both sides included no safety pin
                 is necessary.   

25 t-shirts and sweatshirts were used