Fundraising and Quilts

Are perfect together!

Does your organization have t-shirts from the many events that it has been a part of? A quilt made from these shirts can be part of a:
  • raffle
  • or silent auction
These quilts can earn as much as $700-$1,000 for your organization.
Examples of group that can benefit from a Memory Quilt:
  • High school Thespian group  A quilt can be made with the t-shirts from the fall and spring musicals through out the years!  This quilt will generate interest and happy memories of plays gone by.  Plus, many thespians and parents of thespians  will want the quilt for their very own!  Raffle tickets can be sold for $5.00 each.
  • A Home and School Association  A quilt can be made with all of the t-shirts from Olympic Day throughout the years and raffled off or added to a silent auction.  If your lucky, the winner will donate the quilt back to the school!
  • A University Scholarship fund  I am currently making a sorority quilt for Sigma Sigma Sigma.  This quilt will be raffled off and all proceeds will help to grow a scholarship fund established for Tri Sig Sisters at Bloomsburg University.
  • A University Alumni Fund  A quilt is being made to help grow the Bloomsburg University Greek Alumni Fund and to show the importance of Greek organizations at Bloomsburg. This quilt will be raffled off and all proceeds will go to the Greek Alumni Fund
  •  Athletic Organization Are you part of an athletic organization or a swim club?  A quilt can be made using the many t-shirts from play offs, state championship games, or A Champs swim competition.
  •  Charity Endurance Events A quilt can be made with marathon race t-shirts from years past. This quilt will help raise awareness and funds for your favorite charity. Simply gather shirts from your fellow teammates. I will take care of the rest! The quilt can be raffled off race day or at the Pasta dinner!  

For the past six yea
rs a T-Shirt Quilt has been the GRAND PRIZE
 for the Parkinson Unity Walk raffle in NYC!
Check it out:

SIX Parkinson Unity Walk Quilts

Below is a picture of the  donated Greek Unity Quilt proudly hung in the Alumni tent at Bloomsburg University during Homecoming 2013.

The 2012 FREE quilt was donated to my Alma mater: Bloomsburg University. Below are some photos of this quilt.  The t-shirts that you see are over 30 years old!  They were donated by my fellow Greek Alumni. This quilt is a piece of history since it shows the University when it was still a state school, and it shows the various activities that Greeks used to participate in, like Greek Week.  Many of these fraternities and sororities are still alive and well at Bloomsburg University.

“From what we get, we can make a living;
what we give, however, makes a life.” ~ Arthur Ashe