Memory Bears

Memory Bears are 🔥🔥🔥  The demand for these adorable bears was too much for MQBM to ignore!
Since July the orders have been steady and each bear is cuter than the next!
Why MQBM Bears?
  • Because of the customization that goes into each and everyone of our bears! 
  • Top of the line material used in each bear, including safety eyes and nose
  • custom hand sewing techniques
  • Embroidery and choice of collars, bow ties, or neck ties which make each bear truly customized!

What better way to honor a loved one by re-purposing a few favorite cotton shirts, golf shirts, flannel shirts, or even khaki pants into a
hug-able Memory Bear that will surely bring comfort to all. These Memory Bears make perfect gifts.

Shown here are samples of MQBM's 20" Memory Bear. Each handmade bear contains:
  • 3-4 garments designed perfectly for your bear. Please note that sweaters and tweed suit jackets work beautifully!
  • adorable plastic safety eyes and nose (not suitable for children under age three)
  • ample poly fill to create a truly hug-able bear
  • choice of handmade collar for girl bear, or handmade bow tie or neck tie for boy bear
  • custom hand sewing 
  • Cost $149.00
Memory Bears are truly hug-able! Get yours today!  Don't miss out on this exciting product! Chick here for order form.
Turn around time for Memory Bears is 3 weeks plus shipping. If interested in bears for the holidays NOW is the time to order.