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 Artful Makeovers
Greetings Friends,
This past month has been busy! Many hours have been spent transforming stacks of t-shirts, filled with memories, into beautiful quilts that preserve those memories! I am doing my small part to bring manufacturing back to the good old USA!
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Quilts and Fundraising-
Perfect together!
Quilts made using special event t-shirts can make a wonderful raffle item, or silent auction item for your organization. These quilts can be sold for as much as $700-$1,000.

Examples of organizations that can have quilts made for them:
  • high school Thespian groups, using t-shirts from the many plays and musicals through out the years
  • Swim clubs, using t-shirts from Championship meets
  • Travel baseball, hockey, or soccer teams, using the team's t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jerseys
  • Home and School Associations, using Olympic Day t-shirts   
  • Scholarship Funds, using organization's t-shirts 
  • Alumni Associations, using college shirts and jerseys

I am creating two quilts for two organizations that I am proud to be a part of:  

A Bloomsburg University Greek Alumni quilt is being made for the Bloomsburg University Greek Alumni Association.   

A second quilt is being made for my Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority that helps fund the very special Rita M. Guerrieri Memorial Scholarship Fund.. Both quilts will help to raise money and awareness for these organizations and their scholarship fund.  Are you a part of a group that raises money? If so, think about raffling off a quilt!


On the Fly...
Cost: $250.00
This traditional style lap quilt was made with t-shirts collected at the Philadelphia Flyers playoff games! The orange and black color combination makes for a vibrant quilt! Squares were used in the sashing instead of the friendship star.
I just added this quilt's photo album to my website-check it out!

Let's hope this quilt helps the Flyers win in the post season!

Baby Quilts
I have had several requests for baby quilts this month. These quilts turn those adorable pieces of clothing that your child no longer wears into a family keepsake. Baby quilts come in many sizes and styles. You and your child are sure to love the new quilt! Gotta love clothes with memories.

My Quilting Heritage

My mother, Louise Montague, was an expert quilter. Her quilts were amazing because she hand quilted all of them. Pictured here is her Tumbling Block Quilt.
I have added a page dedicated to her on my website.

Pattern Play

I recently finished 2 top quilts made out of knit shirts.  Memory Quilts aren't just made out of t-shirts anymore!  The quilts are made special by the shirts you choose-whatever the fabric or style! 

It would be my pleasure to
artfully makeover your stack
of shirts or baby items into a beautiful quilt. Please visit my website or facebook page for more information, or call or
email me to stop by and see
 some quilts in person!

Time is running out for graduation quilts.  If you want one for graduation, please contact me ASAP.

Molly Fisher

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