Nix the Candy Hearts

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Greetings Friend,

Thank you to all who have supported Memory Quilts By Molly! My facebook page is growing daily and for that I am grateful!  The winner of the $100.00 gift certificate, for liking my page, is Allison Duggard! Way to go Allison! Look for more sales and specials coming soon via my facebook page!
Molly Fisher 
Memory Quilts By Molly
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Nix the candy hearts!  

Give y
our sweetheart a custom, handmade quilt and get cozy!  Let them experience the awesomeness of a quilt!  There are 2 styles and many sizes and themes to choose from.

Learn More aboout Themes 

Too Much to Do for Graduation?   

Let me help. Cross the Memory Quilt off your list and let me handle it! I will make you a one-of-a-kind gift for your favorite graduate and you won't have to stress out about it anymore! Give the t-shirts to me and I will take care of the rest-it is that simple! 

Each quilt tells a separate and unique story: This quilt begins at Walton Farm Elementary School, reaches Hopwood Day Camp, Pennfield Middle School,  NPHS music program, NPHS theatre program and NPHS athletic program!

Twin Size Modern Style Quilt
Price: $285.00
Lap SIze Modern Style Quilt
Price: $250.00  

For the Greener Good....

Recycle those sweatshirts and t-shirts
into a treasured family heirloom!  This Mighty Dolphin Memory Quilt has a sweat shirt as the center block.
Each star represents this swimmer's improved stroke time. Each color represents a different year-kudos to the mom for sewing all of the stars on through out the years! Yay Mom! 

More photos of this Mighty Dolphin Quilt 
Double the Cozy! 

These 2 quilts are ready for pick up! I can't wait to give them to my customers!
Order yours today!

2012 Graduation Is Coming Soon! 

Please get those orders in ASAP. I have several on the schedule for June already. These quilts take about 4 weeks to make!  
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