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Greetings Friends,

Spring is in the Air!

The sun is shining and it is getting warm outside! That means Memory Quilts by Molly is in full swing creating many graduation quilts that illustrate each and every graduate's flair so uniquely and beautifully! Also in the works are many baby quilts that show your baby's flair in the most adorable way! Memorial quilts, that honor those loved ones we have lost, continue to be an incredibly important market for me. It is very satisfying to help those in need.

Contact me if you or someone you love are in need of a Memory Quilt that shows your flair in a very personal way. Currently, I have 20 quilts on my schedule. Sadly, I can no longer guarantee May/June delivery for graduation quilts, but they can be made for August delivery, just in time for that special graduate to go to college or begin work!
Below are lots of quilts that have lots of flair, beginning with the Quilt of the Month!
Molly Fisher
Memory Quilts by Molly





Quilt of the Month

I chose this full size, Staggered Quilt not only because of the story behind it but because of the overall look of the quilt.  It measures 85" by 95" and includes the many shirts (40 to be exact) that Chris wore and even his swim hat that he wore daily! It has two different denim blue fabrics for the sashing, and is backed with a bright red cotton.






Christopher's Flair is Swimming!

Christopher Downing lives in Massachusetts and will graduate from high school in June. He has spent the past 12 years of his life swimming at a very competitive level. He has swum thousands of miles during endless practices and meets spanning 14 states! Next year he will swim for Boston University!

  • Christopher joined his 1st swim team at age 5 and has been swimming competitively ever since. When he was 5 they would 'write his name in' on the swim meet heat sheets, because you had to be 6 to join a swim team and compete.  Most teams wouldn’t let him join as he was too young. One coach at a local YMCA thought for sure, once Christopher tried out for the team, he would see for himself why he needed to wait until he was a bit older to join a team. 
  • The YMCA coach had Christopher 'try out' on 2 different days for the team and when he was able to do the minimal requirements for joining the team, Coach Bob said: “Christopher, since you want to swim so much, I'll let you join, but we will have to write your name in because the computer system won't pick up your Birth year!

Read more about Christopher's amazing swim journey in my Blog.




Illustrating Your Flair

Customization is what sets me apart from other t-shirt quilters. Many t-shirt quilters will exclude a shirt because it is too big or too small. Here at MQBM I design each quilt specifically for the garments that were provided. This customization ensures your flair is captured perfectly!

  • The traditional lap quilt known as the "Lilly Quilt" (shown above on left) was designed for the 18" square pieces of Lilly fabric that I received.  
  • The Modern lap quilt, "Call of the Wild Quilt,"  shown in the middle was redesigned to accent the center Goat block. This shirt's goat graphic was huge and a favorite shirt of Kori's. It needed a larger block. I redesigned the quilt to include this special shirt. It was made the focal point of the quilt.
  • The Block King quilt on the right was redesigned to highlight both flags that belonged to Anne's dad. The design of the quilt was altered to incorporate these special items.




You've Got Style!

And so does Memory Quilts by Molly! Many t-shirt quilters only offer one style of t-shirt quilts, regardless of YOUR taste and style. MQBM has five different styles to choose from so that your flair and style are illustrated perfectly!  Each of the 5 styles that I make are designed to highlight different types of shirts:

  • The Traditional style quilt with block sashing is perfect for t-shirts that have large graphics.
  • The Traditional style quilt with star sashing is perfect for t-shirts that have large graphics and people who like authentic quilt designs.
  • The Modern style quilt works well for t-shirts that have small and large graphics.
  • The Block quilt is perfect for a person that doesn't have any t-shirts at all yet has a lot of cotton button down shirts, blazers, and even pants.
  • The Staggered Quilt works wonderful with t-shirts that have large graphics. This quilt really highlights the shirts, the sashing is minimal.

My quilts are truly one-of-a-kind that illustrate YOUR flair beautifully and uniquely. Click below for more information on quilt styles.






The Miller Sister's Style and Flair

The quilts shown above and below are perfect examples of how important it is to offer different styles of Memory Quilts! Amy wanted her shirts made into a Modern style quilt that highlighted her flair for softball, notice her high school and collegiate softball shirts.  She has many shirts with smaller graphics so the Modern style quilt was perfect for her!
Theresa, her sister, had many shirts with large graphics.  She choose the Traditional Block sashing quilt (shown below) to show her flair for animals!  It was backed  with super cute paw print fabric too.   I also appliqued Theresa's Lansdale Catholic graduation sash onto a block.
Two sisters, each showing their flair in different ways.






Material Matters

People frequently ask me what materials can be included in their quilts. If your flair is found in mesh athletic jerseys, or silky sports jerseys, or beach towels, or even canvas bags, then these items should be included in your quilt!  I can use most any  fabrics.  The only fabrics that I tend to avoid are fabrics that have a lot of piping sewn on it, super heavy denim, and thick knit sweaters. Fabrics that work in my quilts:

  • mesh jerseys
  • silky jerseys
  • high performance shirts like Under Armour
  • flannel
  • sweat shirts
  • any cotton fabric
  • any knit fabric

I work really hard to include the items that show your flair the best, even if it takes longer to cut and sew.
Once you determine which items to include, my work begins and I guarantee we will select one of the five styles of quilts that will illustrate your flair best!


Look Who's Talking about MQBM

In case you missed it, Quilt it... Today Magazine highlighted my two quilts shown below in their May/June edition.  Sadly, the magazine is not on line. They want you to go buy a copy of the magazine! It is available at Joann Fabrics and is available for purchase online. Below is the link:









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