Memory Quilt Trends May 2018

Geometric Gems!

Graduation Quilts are in full swing here at MQBM! Sadly, I can't share many pictures of them this month. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise! Since I am approaching my 7th anniversary of being in business, I have noticed a few trends that I will share in this newsletter.

  • Block style quilts are very popular with the Memorial Quilt market
  • The Modern style lap quilt is favored by the gift giving market
  • The twin size is in demand (and is very practical) for the Graduate quilt market
  • The Basic style lap quilt is perfect for the budget minded individual
  • Pillows are always popular because they can be made in 2 weeks!

Contact me if you or someone you love needs a Memory Quilt or Pillow.  Currently, I have 16 quilts on my schedule. Sadly, I can no longer guarantee June delivery for graduation quilts, but they can be made for August delivery, just in time for that special graduate to go to college or begin work! Below is what's trending here at MQBM! Enjoy!
Molly Fisher
Memory Quilts by Molly




Block Style Quilts

  • This style works well if you do not have many t-shirts but have other shirts like cotton button down shirts, flannel shirts, or golf shirts.
  • These quilts contains sashing around and through each block
  • Sizes ranges from lap quilt (60 inch by 75 inch) to King size.
  • 15-18 t-shirts are needed for lap quilt, 60 shirts for King.
  • Backed with 100% cotton or super soft flannel in the color of your choice



Older men and women don't wear many t-shirts. They wear lots of other garments like dress shirts or even flannel pants and robes that work beautifully in this style quilt. I just love the tie blocks made with many ties sewn on the diagonal. This type of sewing is very difficult.






Modern Lap Quilt

The Modern Lap quilt is, by far, the most popular quilt that I make! At 68" wide by 73" long it is a wonderful size! Plenty of quilt to wrap yourself in and easy to take with you no matter where you go!

  • This style contains NO sashing (fabric around the t-shirts)
  • They have many different sizes and shape blocks that gives it a modern look.
  • Sizes range from lap quilt (68 inch by 73 inch) to King size!
  • 20-25 t-shirts are needed for lap quilt,  60 shirts for King size.
  • Backed with 100% cotton or super soft flannel in the color of your choice
  • This style works well if you have t-shirts with large AND small graphics. Each block is measured out to fit each graphic





Twin Size!

The extra long twin size quilt (in any style) measures 70" wide by 95" long.  It is plenty big enough to fit on the extra long twin size mattresses in college dorms. Many of all of the graduation quilts that have been made this year have been this size!

  • Many families have 30 or more shirts for this size. Moms realize that the shirts probably won't be worn again once the child goes to college.  Making a twin size quilt is a perfect way to re-purpose them!
  • This size makes a truly special graduation gift.
  • It is practical because a comforter for the college dorm bed is no longer needed.






Shown above is a Modern style twin size quilt.  Look closely and you will see lots of sports jerseys!




Basic Style
This style has become very popular over the years. Please remember, it is just that: a BASIC quilt ;)

  • The quilt contains no sashing (fabric around shirts)
  • All blocks are the same size
  • It comes in one size (58"' by 58")
  • 25 shirts are needed
  • Backed with super soft flannel or 100% cotton
  • This style works well if you have shirts with large graphics and are on a strict budget.




Happy Customers!

Shown below are two happy customers with their quilts and 20" patchwork pillows. I just love seeing happy customers with MQBM products ;)



Memory Pillows!

  • Always make great gifts.
  • Turnaround time is 2 weeks
  • They come in 3 sizes and 3 styles





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