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Magical Memories

This past month Memory Quilts by Molly (MQBM) has included some really special items.  I hope you all know by now that Memory Quilts can include much more than t-shirts. This newsletter will illustrate the many unique items that I have included in quilts this past month. I have added:

  • a school uniform
  • a field hockey skirt
  • pink tutu
  • adorable toddler dresses
  • a romper and a toddler sailor suit from the 1970's

Each of these items has made the quilt become that much more memorable and personal. Check out the pictures and stories below!
Also, let's not forget the Quilt of the Month! This month I have selected a full size, Modern Style quilt that has phenomenal colors in it and is now at Eckerd College in Florida! Bright colors really work well in these quilts! Please remember that when you are selecting your items for your quilt.
Currently I have 18 quilts on my schedule. I have eight orders for the holidays already! If you are interested in a Memory Quilt for the holidays, or for any occasion, NOW is the time to order!  My business continues to grow and so does my Facebook page! I now have 409 fans.Thank you all so very much for your support!




Quilt of the Month

This quilt is beautiful for many reasons. The bright colors make it so nice plus the many water polo shirts adds to its uniqueness.The neon orange and teal colors work really well. It is backed with a beautiful teal cotton that is just perfect! A total of 60 shirts were used to make this full size modern style quilt.  It does indeed tell a story. 


Click here for more pics!



What Makes It Special

Your garments and other memorable items is what makes these quilts so wonderful, plus excellent sewing and quilting;) Below are some really unique and special items that were included my quilts this month! Learn more about the many different items that can be included in a Memory Quilt.



This was Jacqueline's very first tutu for dance!  She wore it when she was a small child! How special it looks in her quilt. As Jacqueline begins her life at Villanova University she will have a full size, staggered style quilt to wrap herself in, tutu and all!


School Uniforms

Shhhh, don't tell the nuns but Jacqueline's school uniform skirt and sweater were included in this quilt! Yet another memory of her childhood included in this full size, staggered style quilt!


Yes, more pictures are here!



Adorable Duck Dresses

These two precious dresses were added to the quilt made for yet another recent high school graduate. The sweet embroidered duck on the bodice of this dress is a focal point of the quilt.


When Lizzie was young she would wear her duck dresses all of the time. She would even create her own outfits! Lizzie thought that the red sweat pants complimented the duck dress beautifully;)

She wore both dresses everyday over top of her normal clothes until one day neither one would budge over her head and they ripped  up the sides!

Such sweet memories surround these dresses, they just had to be included in her quilt!




Quack Quack....

It just doesn't get any cuter than baby ducks.  This dress was sprinkled through out the quilt. 


Lizzie as a child wearing her favorite duck dress. Below is Lizzie at age 19 showing off her quilt in her dorm room at Rosemont College!



Photos, photos & more are here!



Field Hockey Uniform

Kaitlin, a goalie from Arch Bishop Wood and Gwynedd Mercy College, has a Memory Quilt that includes her field hockey skirt!


In the Spotlight

Kaitlin is a young lady who has played field hockey all through high school and college.  What treasured memories she has of this game and all that it has meant to her!

In addition to her field hockey skirt, her quilt has the many field hockey jerseys and shirts that illustrate her wonderful career playing field hockey.

She is enjoying the lap quilt made in the Modern style shown below. 



Yup, more photos are here!



Cherished Memories

This 20" pillow was made with Daniel's baby clothes from the 1970's!

Notice the adorable sailor suit, the romper, and the pocketed suit jacket!



Memorial Quilt and Pillow

The pillow shown above, and lap quilt made in the Block style shown below, were made in honor of Daniel.  Daniel left this world far too soon.
The pillow represents Daniel's baby days and the Memory Quilt represents his adult life.
It was an honor for me to help this mother through the grief that is felt with the loss of a loved one. She trusted me with Daniel's clothing, and in the end received a beautiful quilt that will bring her comfort and warmth for years to come. Below is her thank you to me:


A Moving Testimonial

"I just have to say thank you, again and again, for bringing my son's memories "back to life" for my husband and I.  I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the quilt, it has exceeded my expectations.  Just feeling the weight of the quilt, I know how well made it is.  And, it is only a lap quilt but it fits across my son's double bed!  I will enjoy it wrapped around me on those cool evenings that are coming!  I love looking at the different "blocks" and remembering when he wore this or that, and all the moments that I now hold so close to my heart.  I trusted you with the most precious things in my life at this time, and you made something even more beautiful out of them.  Thank you, again."




Click here for more pics!




Terrific Threads

Thread is so very important in a quilt. I use the highest quality Gutermann thread for the top quilt and King Tut variegated thread for the long arming.

  • The King Tut thread really makes MQBM quilts stand out.  King Tut is an extremely low lint extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton. Variegated colors are precision-dyed with one-inch color changes.  The colors accent my quilts perfectly and ensures that the quilt will last for years.
  • Gutermann thread is used for the piecing of the top quilt.  Again, this thread is top notch and will ensure that your quilt last for years to come.

Thread really does matter and MQBM uses the best! The photo below shows how beautiful the King Tut variegated thread looks on my quilts!




Holiday Orders

Yes folks, Buddy and I are excited for Christmas! I have eight holiday quilts on my schedule already!  If you are interested in a quilt for the holidays please do not delay!  Quilting takes time. I will turn people away in November because I cannot guarantee holiday delivery.  NOW is the time to order your custom handmade Memory Quilt!







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