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It is truly wonderful to receive such great testimonials, like the one below:
"The quilts are so beautiful and are so loved by my children and myself. They tell his story and give such comfort when memories are just not enough. Thank you for your gift and talent in creating these wonderful quilts, I will forever be grateful to you."

"You are a talent that should be shared with all.  Thank you for all your kind attention on the quilts. I am so anxious to give to the kids but am trying very hard to hold off till Christmas. 

I put them all away, after I took each one out and admired it.  They are truly incredible!"

"Well, Molly, you are a fabric artist! I just love it and he will, too."

"Molly...... Thank you so much for making my Christmas very special. I am Rochelle's father.... Dennis....... words cannot explain how much I appreciate Rochelle doing this for me and the love and effort you put in to such a beautiful work of art.....not just a quilt. As Rochelle may have explained, I was Mr. Mom for several years and my kids (Denny & Rochelle) were my life. While Denny is no longer here you have helped keep his spirit alive and added special memories of Rochelle and Rayna. For that I am truly thankful and I would like to thank you for such a special blessing. All the best to you and your family for a Happy, Healthy New Year. God Bless.... Dennis"

"I was Troy's owner along with my wife Linda, who surprised me with this most touching gift I have ever received. You did a beautiful job on this memory pillow of my best friend. We rescued Troy at 4 and had another precious 9 years with .him. He died in our arms of a heart attack and part of me died with him. Seeing this tribute on your Facebook page sent tears flowing down my face but it made me realize he will always be with me. Thank you for a doing a beautiful tribute to my dog,Troy."

"The quilt is so beautiful! The workmanship is unbelievable...you are so very talented! Once again I can't thank you enough for making this quilt. I am sure you hear very touching stories about the quilts you make, here  is mine:10 years ago my father passed away very unexpectedly on Dec. 10th, for some reason that year, he went Christmas shopping with my mom in November.  While they were shopping, my father found a little light blue sweatshirt with a rhinestone R on it.  He told my mother to buy it for Rachel because it reminded him so much of her.... sporty with a little bit of princess sparkle,  My mom bought it because my father never made a request like that.  That Christmas (my father had now passed) Rachel opened the present from my dad, she wore that sweatshirt until she out grew it... all these years, I have kept that sweatshirt in her closet, not having the heart to throw it away.  Now that princess sparkle is displayed beautifully on her quilt, for that I can't thank you enough.


I adore the stitching, all the  choices, and the way you feature the pieces from Katharine's clothes, surrounded by the sweet backing fabrics.

I also love the witches hat and the initials, plus the cute little extras: the booty from South Africa and an early tube sock.  This quilt is tremendous."

"I just received it and tore open the box to discover a most beautifully crafted memory quilt!

It's better in person! Of course I cried but it was expected.

Your workmanship is masterful!

Thank you. My daughter will love this Christmas gift for years to come. And I am glad you enclosed the laundering instructions because I forgot to ask you about that.

Thank you again!

Thanks so much for creating such a beautiful quilt with so many memories stitched within it! 
So glad we chose you and appreciate all of the updates and photos. You’re great!”

Thanks. We are so happy with the end result. It is even better than I imagined.
Last night my husband started going through my younger daughter's shirts!
I have been sharing your information left and right on Facebook!"

OMG!!! It is so AWESOME. Even better than I
expected. I am so thrilled!!!! Thank you!"

"The Memory Pillow looks great!   I really love it!!!   You did an excellent job, you are so creative!"

The t-shirt quilt is gorgeous!!  Very nice  layout with the Penn State border."

"What a beautiful gift Molly has given to me. The two beautiful quilts she has made in memory of my husband and father are an absolute treasure. Thank you for the beautiful memories!

The t-shirt quilts are perfect. You did a great job , I stopped at my moms on the way home and she loved them. She was amazed on how beautifully sewn they were .  Thank you so much for doing a great job. I can't wait till Christmas." 


 I love the 2 queen size t-shirt quilts!!!  I started showing them to my family.  They love them....You did a wonderful job."




" I have tears in my eyes. The quilt came
today and it is unbelievable - he is going to go nuts!! I can't thank you enough for getting it done for Christmas - it's just beautiful.
Thank you for a
ll the hard work and the creativity.  It is just gorgeous."

"You created a wonderful 100 Good Wishes quilt for my darling grand-daughter, Grace!

Thank you....."Mom-Mom"

   " Today I gave the quilt to my daughter.  She was surprised and thrilled. My daughter told me that she had taken some of her dad's golf shirts and was trying to make a quilt herself.  It was becoming a disaster.  We attended a family birthday party and brought the quilt to show everyone. They all thought that it was just beautiful." 

The Christmas Quilt is absolutely perfect!  My son loves it!"

"The quilt is wonderful.  Everyone was completely awed!  Clark loves it!  You did a great job - thank you very much.  I'll be back in touch in three years - when Matt graduates. "

"OMG Molly.  It's look absolutely incredible.  So beyond my wildest ideas.  And I love the pirate mickey shirt in there.  Thanks for this...it's amazing."

"It is beautiful-I Love it!"

Aqua green and orange prints were used for the sashing

"Just wanted to let you know my daughter absolutely loved the Jasmine quilt and my other daughter wants one too! I knew that would happen. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.  I will be in touch after the new year for the next Jasmine quilt."

I ♥ my quilt
! Thank you!


Amazing how my son's quilt turned out! Molly has so much talent!!! I'm excited for my next project with her!!

"OK, Memory Quilts by Molly , is AWESOME!!! I took all of my son's old FELL Baseball shirts and sent them to Molly and she made this beautiful quilt for him. I'm so excited to give it to him, love, love, love it . Thanks Molly!"

"The quilt looks so beautiful. I am very happy with the outcome , picking you for this memory blanket was meant to be. I will look forward to  seeing the end results and doing another memory quilt soon. Thanks from big Dan, and myself, I know he approves . Big Dan would not want his favorite shirts stored away he would want them to be shown on exhibit he was a character." 

"Great job on the quilt!"

This baby quilt measures 54" by 54"


"You have outdone yourself! I’m speechless.

Thank you so much for making this so special!"