Pillows and Hankies

Memory Pillows
A record number of pillows have been made lately. Many of them were very unique! Each one was hand crafted to ensure the items were repurposed into
a wonderful keepsake! If you love the idea of a Memory Quilt, but want something smaller Memory Pillows are perfect.
Memory Pillows come in 3 sizes:  small (14" x 14"), medium ( 16" by 16"),  and large (20" x 20").

Suspender Pillows

Check out these 19 custom suspender and tie pillows!

Crocheted Blanket Pillows

When MQBM received a large handmade crocheted blanket
and was asked to make ten 14" pillows out of them,
we were not so sure it could be done. We worried about the blanket unraveling. Well, we did it!

Plus we added custom embroidery to make each pillow extra special!

Large Patchwork Memory Pillows

The large pillow measures 20 inches by 20 inches. 5 shirts with small logos are needed. 
A complimentary fabric, in the color of your choice, will be used for the back of the pillow.

I  supply the pillow form.

Price: $90.00

This pillow can be made in a 16" by 16" pillow too.

Medium Embroidered Memory Pillows
Memorial Pillows can be made to honor those we have lost.

The Medium pillow measures 16" by 16" and comes in one style.  It is made with 1 cotton button down shirt and has a sweet sentiment embroidered over the pocket. this style is very popular.

"This is a shirt I used to wear, whenever you hold it, know that I am there. Love, Dad"  or the salutation of your choice.

It is backed with the back of the same shirt and sewn with an envelope closure on the back.  This envelope closure  allows you to wash the pillow cover.

Price: $80.00

The front of the shirt is kept whole-buttons and all!

The sweet sentiment is sewn over the pocket.

This is what a past customer had to say about her 5 pillows:  "I can't thank you enough for bringing a small piece of our Dad back to each of us."

Medium Sweater Pillows
This pillows measures 16" x 16".
Sweater Pillows have become incredibly popular. They are super snugly because the front and back of the sweater make up the front and back of the pillow.  Many of our loved ones have had a favorite sweater.  Why not make a beautiful pillow with it and a sweet remembrance.  I can make you a pillow or a set of pillows created from any special clothing or fabrics that you cherish. Pillows don't need nearly as many t-shirts as quilts; they are backed with super soft fleece in a complimentary color and pattern.
 They can
be double-sided (for an extra fee) with either a repeat of the clothes pattern seen on the front, or with a special blanket that you may have.

The pillow measures 16 inches by 16 inches. 

1 sweater is needed. 

Each pillow is backed with the back of the sweater.

I will supply the pillow form.

Price: $80.00

Shown here is a vintage Flyers sweater from the 1980's.

The Front and back of the sweater is used! 

Small Patchwork Memory Pillows

14 inch pillow with a special photo block. 5 shirts with small logos are needed.


"One of Jay's buddy's and his family was here and he was speechless when he saw the pillows. He just loved them!

YAY! Thank you so so much. They are just wonderful. I wasn't even sad... just really pleased. Again, thank you for taking time with me and showing compassion. What a gift God has given you!"

Price: $75.00

More Creative Pillows that have been made!

Love all of the North Penn history in this 20” Memory Pillow!  From Walton Farm, to Pennfield, to North Penn High School!
Check out the tea cup from her sweet childhood “Beauty and the Beast” bed sheet.

It was even backed with her precious baby blanket

Karate Belt Pillows!

MQBM received a large bag of karate belts and was asked to add them to three Memory Quilts. 
Sadly, the belts are just too thick.  So, we did the next best thing: the belts were weaved into a pillow!  Such amazing results! Each pillow was backed with a super soft black fleece. 

Baby Pillows

How cute is this pillow?  ;)

Filled with all of the onsies, and other garments of babies first year! Additional fees may be incurred due to extra labor.

These pillows are now being made so that they can be removed from the pillow form and washed!

Jaxon enjoying his sweet baby pillow made with his favorite turtle shirt and many others ;)

A Footsie Pillow

This 16" pillow was made from the  adorable feet of the onsies that were add to a twin size Baby quilt

Cuteness OVERLOAD!


Wedding Pillows

What a beautiful story! 
This pillow was made for a very lucky couple on their wedding day. It is made with the grand mom's gorgeous wedding dress from 1936!
To make it extra special the photo was added to the back of the pillow. Both couples were married in August, just 79 years apart ;)
A truly priceless gift!

Another beautiful Bridal pillow made from a  gorgeous Bridal Gown!

Hand sewing and custom design make this pillow truly one-of-a-kind!

These 14" pillows  are truly unique because they were made with special blankets of a loved one who passed away.

MQBM hemmed the remaining portion of the blankets and sent them back to the customer.

Pillows can be made with special blankets!

Each pillow is a little different. Each Memory Pillow or Quilt is truly a one-of-a-kind gift!

These 20" pillows  were made with special shirts and lots of vintage boy scout patches!
Extra care was taken to sew these patches on  these 3 Memorial Pillows.

A special photo was added to the middle of each pillow.

Memory Handkerchiefs

Memory Handkerchiefs are a new product.  They are made from a cotton shirt of a loved one that is no longer with us. 
A personalized sentiment is embroidered on each one and the loved ones initials are added. 

Each hankie measures 12" wide by 12" long and is backed with 100% cotton fabric.

Many times these are made for weddings and given to family members or the bridal party
to place in their suit jackets and purses so the loved one is remembered and present in a small way.
Price: $25.00