Pillows and Scarves

Memory Pillows

Love the idea of a Memory Quilt, but want something smaller?
Try a Memory Pillow or a T-shirt Scarf! Memory Pillows come in 2 sizes:
small (14" x 14")  and large (20" x 20")

I can make you a pillow or a set of pillows created from any special clothing or fabrics that you cherish. Pillows don't need nearly as many t-shirts as quilts; they are backed with super soft fleece in a complimentary color and pattern.  They can be double-sided (for an extra fee) with either a repeat of the clothes pattern seen on the front, or with a special blanket that you may have.

The small pillow measures 14 inches by 14 inches. 
5-10 shirts are needed.  Five shirts for the front and five shirts for the back.
  Each pillow is backed with a complimentary fabric in the color of your choice.

I can use t-shirts on both sides of the pillow for an additional fee.

I will supply the pillow form.

Price: $75.00

It is hard to see the different size in this pillow compared to the 20" pillow below. 
There is a 6" square difference in these pillows. This 14" pillow is small!

The large pillow measures 20 inches by 20 inches. 5-10 shirts with small logos are needed. 
Cording is included on the large pillow in the color of your choice.
A complimentary fabric, in the color of your choice, will be used for the back of the pillow.

I can use t-shirts on both sides of the pillow for an additional fee.

I  supply the pillow form.

Price: $90.00

Love all of the North Penn history in this 20” Memory Pillow!  From Walton Farm, to Pennfield, to North Penn High School!
Check out the tea cup from her sweet childhood “Beauty and the Beast” bed sheet.

It was even backed with her precious baby blanket

Memorial Pillows can be made to honor those we have lost.


"One of Jay's buddy's and his family was here and he was speechless when he saw the pillows. He just loved them!

YAY! Thank you so so much. They are just wonderful. I wasn't even sad... just really pleased. Again, thank you for taking time with me and showing compassion. What a gift God has given you!"


14 inch pillow with cording and special photo block

Yes, it is the newest product that is being offered just in time for the holidays!

These t-shirt scarves are custom made with your t-shirts-another beautiful way to wrap  yourself in sweet memories!  Perfect for any time of the year!
Memory scarves are super soft and come with a pocket or two for your phone or your keys!

Wrap Yourself in Your Memories!

T-shirt scarves come in one size: 9" wide by 60" long and are double sided!

Memory Scarves!