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Long Arm Quilting

Long Arm Quilting

When shopping for a Memory Quilt it is important to understand the difference between a handmade quilt and a blanket.  Many companies offer Memory blankets at a much lower price.  It is because these blankets are not quilted using a state of the art long arm quilting machine.  The quilt I made to the left has been expertly long arm quilted ensuring that the top quilt, batting, and backing stay in place. Long arm quilting takes time, but is done in a beautiful meander, swirl stitch, or the new wave stitch. Long Arm quilting is done on a large machine with the highest quality, variegated thread. This process turns a flimsy blanket into an authentic QUILT just like the one seen to the left and below.

 Every one of my quilts are  expertly long armed. This process makes the quilt a true quilt and takes time.
A choice of three stitches is offered . This long arm quilting is done through out the entire quilt.  This stitching is needed due to the weight of the large quilts.  It really gives the quilt a finished look.

The Meander Stitch
Meandering stitch

This stitch resembles  a puzzle pieces pattern and is perfect for t-shirt quilts.
It isn't too complex of a pattern and allows the t-shirts to be the main focus.

Up close shot of the meander stitch used in the quilting process. Solid green fabric was selected for the sashing

The Swirl Stitch

A wonderful swirling stitch can be used.
This stitch is a little tighter. As a result, it is more dominant than the meander stitch. Again, the stitching is done through out the entire quilt. 
You get to choose which style of stitching. 

The Wave Stitch

A new wave stitch can be used.
This stitching reminds me of waves on the ocean.
You get to choose which style of stitching. 
There are more pictures of these stitches in the photo album below:

Specialty Stitching

I offer specialty stitching for some quilts.
 Seen to the left is the vine, flowers and tendril stitch.
It was perfect for this quilt.  It takes longer but is so worth it!