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Fans and Athletes
                   Wrap Yourself In your Memories!
Finished Traditional lap Quilt measures 54" by 54"

Are you a football, baseball, hockey, basketball, or softball fan?
What better way to show your team spirit than with a Memory Quilt filled with your favorite  team's shirts or maybe even your jerseys from your sports days! Baseball t-shirt Quilts, Softball t-shirt Quilts, Hockey t-shirt Quilts and even football t-shirt  quilts turn out beautifully.

This Flyer's Quilt was made with authentic Flyer's jerseys and all
of the t-shirts from the playoff games!
Many young athletes get oodles of shirts and jerseys from their athletic programs-SAVE THEM and have a Memory Quilt made!

A  Philadelphia Flyer's T-shirt Quilt!

Flyers Quilt

An Orioles T-shirt Quilt!

Orioles Quilt

This beautiful Softball Quilt is a modern style lap quilt that contains many tournament jersey's and t-shirts of a 15 year old softball player!

My favorite shirt: "Run Like a girl and try to keep up with me!"

                                      Traditional lap quilt measuring 54" by 54"

Another Baseball Quilt made for a young baseball player in the traditional style. A championship photo was even added!
See Photo Quilts for more information on photos.

Finished Modern style lap Quilt measuring 68" by 73"

This Baseball Quilt is a modern style lap quilt that has baseball uniforms and t-shirts of many championships won over the course of this lucky boy's high school career.

I even added some patches that were on his uniforms.


A Field Hockey/ Diving Quilt made for a North Penn grad with North Penn colors!

A Hockey Quilt made with hockey jerseys!  Hockey jerseys are hard to sew but the end result is awesome!