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Quilt Size

Dimensions of Your Quilt Are Critical!

When ordering a quilt, please make sure you understand just how big the the actual size of the finished quilt will be.

My quilts are about the biggest on the market:
  • Memory Quilts by Molly bed quilts (twin, full, queen, and king) are designed to have at least 7 inch to 10 inch drop on each side and bottom of the bed. No one likes a skimpy bed quilt ;) 
  • Many mattresses differ in size and depth. My quilts are made to ensure that they will look beautiful on any bed,  see picture below.
  • My lap quilts (regular and large lap) are designed to be big enough to wrap yourself in.  What good is a lap quilt if you can't snuggle under it, see last picture below:
Memory Quilts by Molly has the largest quilts on the market!
Shown below is Full size Modern style Memory Quilt that measures 85" by 95".
Notice the drop on each side of the bed as well as the bottom.

LAP size quilt dimensions:

 48" by 48"              68" by 73"
                          Competitors           Memory Quilts by Molly

TWIN size quilt dimensions:

60" by 84"              70" by 95"
                   Competitors          Memory Quilts by Molly

Shown below are my Modern Lap quilts!

Happy graduates ;)
Check out the big quilts AND the big smiles on these graduates ;)