Scout Quilts

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts!
Tired of the Shadow Box idea?

Scout Quilt

If you are tired of the Shadow box idea for all of your Scout badges, neckerchiefs, and t-shirts, have a Memory Quilt made with all of these precious items!

It is much more functional and can be taken anywhere! It will even keep you warm!

This quilt contains countless badges, 3 neckerchiefs, 2 uniforms, and many t-shirts! It truly is a one-of-a-kind quilt!

Check out this Modern style quilt made with Scout badges, neckerchiefs, and shirts:

Lory Quilt

Check out the 1970  Girl Scout vest made out of felt and adorable Daisy badge in this quilt!

Edie Quilt

Edie's Quilt is filled with so many wonderful times from her youth.

 Look closely and you will see several girl scout badges!