Wedding Quilts

Wrap Yourselves in Your Hopes and Dreams!

Make your Chuppah even more beautiful!
Add a custom Memory quilt made with fabric from all of your guests!
       In Jewish weddings, a bridal couple is covered by a canopy during the ceremony. The Hebrew word for this canopy is chuppah (diversely transliterated as huppah, huppah, chuppah, chupa, chuppah, hoopah.

The idea of setting a bridal couple under their own sheltering sky makes intuitive sense. The tradition thrives in many cultures; Hindu weddings feature richly embellished canopies called 'mandap.' Dutch bride and groom sit under an evergreen ceiling. And in the US, couples of all faiths marry in arbors, gazebos, and even under arches made from brightly-colored latex (ie balloons!)

A client recently had  her wedding and the wedding quilt that I made for her featured in Green Wedding Shoes!
Below is the link to the beautiful feature and her beautiful wedding quilt! I am mentioned in the 2nd paragraph!

  Evan and Erica feature story

In the Jewish tradition, the wedding canopy dates back to nomadic times.  After the ceremony, the new bride was marched tot he groom's tent, for prompt consummation (yikes!). By the Middle Ages, the tent was a piece of fabric suspended over the couple during the ceremony
. And so it has remained.

Finished Quilt  binding and all!

A quilted chuppah - even the simplest - can be  spectacular. It's orders of magnitude more beautiful and meanin
gful than the tulle, or a rental. It can incorporate family textiles, like neckties or tee shirts. It can include words, art, and photographs. And, unlike balloon arches, it can last (and serve as a chuppah or home decor) for generations. 

You can use the Wedding Quilt as the backdrop in your photo booth too!

Most pho
to booths have a very plain (almost ugly) blue vinyl background for all of the photos that are taken of your very special guests!
Why not jazz the background up with a beautiful memory quil
t! If your guests supply pieces of fabric for the quilt-even better! Their picture can be taken in front of their block!

Erica Quilt

Wedding Pillows
What a beautiful story! 
This pillow was made for a very lucky couple on their wedding day. It is made with the grand mom's gorgeous wedding dress from 1936!
To make it extra special the photo was added to the back of the pillow. Both couples were married in August, just 79 years apart ;)
A truly priceless gift!

Memorial Handkerchiefs
Something borrowed, someone honored, and something blue!

Memory Handkerchiefs are a new product.  They are made from a cotton shirt of a loved one that is no longer with us. 
A personalized sentiment is embroidered on each one and the loved ones initials are added. 

Each hankie measures 12" wide by 12" long and is backed with 100% cotton fabric.

Many times these are made for weddings and given to family members or the bridal party
to place in their suit jackets and purses so the loved one is remembered and present in a small way.

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