Memorial Quilts

As long as we remember, those we love are never truly gone......

Quilts that are made to honor or remember a lost loved one can be both beautiful and comforting.  The quilts and pillows shown in the video honor very special people in our lives and have given each recipient something to wrap themselves in and hopefully has brought much comfort to them.


Healing Hearts One Stitch at a Time

This beautiful modern style queen size quilt was made in honor of a very special wife.

Wrap Yourself in Their Loving Memory

It is hard to know what to do with all of your loved ones clothes.  Why not turn them into a beautiful Memorial Quilt that will bring you comfort and preserve their memorable clothing
. Items that can be used are t-shirts, dress shirts, knit shirts, ties and sweat shirts, to name a few.

Meet Nia and the Williams family. Nia is literally wrapped in the loving memory of her father who was taken from her way too soon. Emotions ran so high when she did this in my shop. I am so very thankful that these quilts bring comfort to her and her brother.