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10 year Compilation

Memory Quilts tell beautiful stories through fabric! MQBM has been creating quilts since 2011! It is hard to believe that my business is 10 years old. How do we celebrate? Well, with a real cake instead of a Photo shopped one! Some highlights for me is publication in the "Quilt it...today" magazine and the North Penn Reporter newspaper as well as the many quilts, pillows, and bears that have been created! Shown here are a few of the more memorable creations! Every MQBM quilt is an authentic quilt with expert sewing, expert long arm quilting, top of the line batting and expert binding! These quilts really do make the best gifts. Each one tells a beautiful story!

Contact me ASAP if you are interested in a premium, custom Memory quilt, pillow, or bear for any occasion.

Please join me on:

Molly Fisher 422 Militia Dr. Lansdale, PA 19446; 215-855-9783; immfish@comcast.net

Wrap Yourself in Your Memories!

Quilt Updates:

MQBM is busy every day creating beautiful memory quilts, pillows, and bears! Autumn means it is time to order your holiday quilts, pillows, and bears! If interested please do not delay. Tie quilts are so popular right now!

Please know that MQBM authentic quilts contain: expert design using six styles, top of the line batting, expert long arming, and expert binding techniques. MQBM quilts are authentic quilts NOT blankets. Because of this they take a long time to make so please plan accordingly. Quilts are taking about 10-14 weeks to make. Pillows only take two weeks plus shipping. Bears take 3 weeks plus shipping.

If you are interested in a Memory Quilt, or t-shirt quilt, for any occasion, please contact me so I can get you on the schedule. Memory quilts really do tell stories beautifully through fabric. Many memorable garments were added to quilts this month, like Boy Scout handkerchiefs, beautiful baby blankets, Christening hats, ties, and even gymnastic leotards! Here are some other creative quilts in the works:

  • An Eagle Scout Quilt, neckerchiefs and all!

  • Tie Quits galore!

  • a queen size custom quilt made with homemade flannel nightgowns!

  • Many Grateful Dead quilts (the most represented band so far!)

  • A full size quilt made with soccer shirts

  • Many swimming and diving quilts, baseball and theater quilts too!

  • 2 Harley Davidson Quilts made with awesome t-shirts

  • many memorial quilts that honor those we have lost

Contact Molly to discuss your Memory Quilt!

Kountroubis Quilt

A Gorgeous Traditional Style Quilt!

Shown here is a a vibrant traditional style quilt made with block sashing. It is filled with swimming shirts and North Penn Blues! This twin size quilt that measures 70" by 95" is perfect for the dorm room beds at college. Truly wonderful memories of super fun high school swimming meets. Enjoy this album!

Hot Off The Press!

Memory Quilts by Molly is featured in the Quilt it...today Magazine

I just received the Quilt-it...today Magazine. The magazine featured two of my custom quilts on page 26 and 27 of the magazine.

I am so very thankful that my work was included in the article! Sadly, the magazine isn't online, I guess they want you to go buy a copy ;)

A baby Quilt made with baby's first year adorable outfits and a Hankie Quilt made for a bride-to-be with her great grand moms hankies were highlighted in the article!

A One-of-a-kind Gift:

Many people call these quilts T-shirt Quilts. Yes, t-shirts are used in these quilts, but so much more can be added! Any fabric that has meaning to you can be used. Recently I have used overalls and suspenders! The more variety the better! Below is a list of items I have used:

  • long sleeve and short sleeve knit shirts,

  • golf shirts

  • men's or women's bathing suits

  • long sleeve, cotton, button down shirts

  • sweat shirts

  • flannel or fleece pants

  • all baby clothing

  • ties and handkerchiefs

  • cotton bed sheets

  • high school varsity letters, jacket or sweaters

  • aprons

  • boy scout badges and girl scout badges

  • baseball patches

  • canvas bags with nice logos on them

Memory quilts, or t-shirts quilts, are truly one-of-a-kind gifts! My quilts are premium, handmade quilts that are made using only the best fabric, interfacing, thread, batting and backing. Premium quilting techniques are used in the piecing of the quilt and the long arm quilting. My quilts are also generally larger in size than my competitors. They make great gifts for:

  • any graduation , whether it be 8th grade graduation, middle school graduation, high school or college graduation

  • birthdays or weddings

  • Christmas

  • any holiday

  • the completion of a sports program

The possibilities are endless!

What items do you have waiting to be made into a Memory quilt?

A beautiful Memory Quilt filled with swim shirts for a lucky graduate!

A T-shirt quilt made with love for a special bride!

A Family Reunion Quilt

Recent Announcements from MQBM's Blog

Perfect Presents!

posted November 17, 2021, 8:31 AM by Molly Fisher

A record 24 pillows were made for this family in honor of a loving mom, wife and aunt who left us far too soon. What meaningful holiday gifts they make! Memory pillows and bears can still be made in time for the holidays! Get some!

Happy Halloween!

posted October 28, 2021, 9:45 AM by Molly Fisher

No haunted house is complete without an MQBM quilt!! 🎃🎃🎃

Happy Halloween!

Beautiful Stories!

posted October 8, 2021, 8:45 AM by Molly Fisher

MQBM just loves the stories these quilts tell! These two Basic style quilts tell the journey of Melanie through Ohio State University in 2017 to Vet school in 2021. Included are her school scrubs and many other meaningful shirts!

A Very Meaningful Testimonial

posted Sept. 15, 2021, 9:02 AM by Molly Fisher

MQBM has always considered the Memorial market to be so very important. MQBM products help people through very difficult times in their lives. I am thankful that they do, this testimonial illustrates this: “Dear Molly, I wanted to tell you again, 6 months later, how your quilt carefully crafted out of Tim’s clothing, has poured such healing into my life. I use this quilt every single day. I do not say this lightly, but rather from the depth of my heart. This quilt is my most treasured possession. Thank you.”

Who knew recycling could be so beautiful!