Memory Quilts by Molly was formed on June 10, 2011 due to the overwhelming demand for Memory Quilts and t-shirt quilts for the graduating seniors in the North Penn Area and across the country! These quilts do a fantastic job of preserving memories and they really are  a one-of-a-kind gift! I like how each quilt tells a story through the fabric. 

Anyone who has ever stitched, admired, or snuggled with a  quilt knows, quilting has a history steeped in resourcefulness, storytelling, community and warmth. I would be pleased to make a quilt from your memories.

I made my first T-shirt Quilt in 2008 for my oldest son, Chris, who graduated from high school in 2009. He loved it!   It has become a tradition in my house that each child gets a T-shirt Quilt upon graduation!  They love them! Boys are tough to buy for-they are sure to love these quilts!

Who orders Memory Quilts, pillows, or bears?

What better way to preserve those wonderful t-shirts that you simply can not throw away!  

Go ahead, wrap yourself in your memories!

My Work

Molly Fisher sharing a few thoughts about her work: