Memory Quilts by Molly was formed on June 10, 2011 due to the overwhelming demand for Memory Quilts and t-shirt quilts for the graduating seniors in the North Penn Area and across the country! These quilts do a fantastic job of preserving memories and they really are a one-of-a-kind gift! I like how each quilt tells a story through the fabric.

Anyone who has ever stitched, admired, or snuggled with a quilt knows, quilting has a history steeped in resourcefulness, storytelling, community and warmth. I would be pleased to make a quilt from your memories.

I made my first T-shirt Quilt in 2008 for my oldest son, Chris, who graduated from high school in 2009. He loved it! It has become a tradition in my house that each child gets a T-shirt Quilt upon graduation! They love them! Boys are tough to buy for-they are sure to love these quilts!

Who orders Memory Quilts, pillows, or bears?

  • People who have graduating seniors

  • People who want to give a one-of-a-kind gift

  • People who have lost loved ones

  • People who have lost pets

  • Couples about to be married, this is especially popular in the Jewish community. Quilts can be hung from the Chuppah or they can be used as the backdrop of the photo booth.

  • People who want gorgeous baby quilts made from baby clothes.

  • People who want smaller memory items such as pillows and bears

What better way to preserve those wonderful t-shirts that you simply can not throw away!

Go ahead, wrap yourself in your memories!

My Work

Molly Fisher sharing a few thoughts about her work: