Photo Quilts

Photo Quilts

I have begun adding photographs to t-shirt quilts.  Digital photography and special fabric allow a unique photo to be added to make a quilt even more personal. Photographs of special sporting events, wedding anniversaries (both present and past), and beautiful babies work really well.

It is important that the jpg file be about the size of the picture that you want in the quilt. Having to manipulate the size of the file will reduce the clarity.  The picture loses a little clarity once it is printed on the fabric paper, so make sure the picture is the size that you want.



What digital pictures do you have waiting to be added to a quilt?


PHOTO QUILTS!  I have a love/hate relationship with photo quilts. I love the way they turn out, but they are incredibly difficult and expensive to make.  But the end result of this quilt could not have come out better.  The pictures tell the story, but so do the three school shirts that this very special godmother attended or worked at. What a special birthday present!

Nicolletti Quilt

Shown here is a Military Quilt made in honor of a man who served in the Air Force. Six very special photos were used to make this quilt truly special.

Photo Quilt

Shown here is a team photo of some young baseball stars!


Baseball Quilt