How To Hang a Quilt

Hanging a Memory Quilt can be tricky.

First, it must be decided if the quilt will be hung temporarily or permanently. Once this decision is made the following methods have worked well for MQBM customers.

Temporary Methods:

1. Command Strips with Spring Clips 

Hang Your Quilt!

Please remember, the larger the quilt the more clips you will need.  This is critical!

2. Commercial Pant Hangers

Pant hangers with the hooks that swivel will give you more hanging flexibility.

You can hang the hangers from a bar stretched between two ladders, from gutters, from a rope tied between two trees or any other way you can come up with!

Please remember, the larger the quilt the more hangers you will need.  This is critical!

Permanent Methods:

1. Fabric Tabs with Curtain Rods

A traditional way to hang a quilt is by using any decorative curtain rod.

Thee rod is run through fabric tabs or a fabric sleeve that is made and sewn to the quilt.

Memory Quilts by Molly will add tabs to your quilt just like the ones shown here.

These tabs are sewn 12 inches apart a the top of the quilt.

The rod of your choosing is then fed through the tabs. This is a traditional way to hang a quilt.

Any type of curtain rod  can be used.  These are expensive as they require hand sewing.

This quilt was hung with tabs, a curtain rod  AND a wooden structure that was built on the back of a truck  in order to include the quilt in a parade.  It was mobile ;)

2. Wooden Quilt Hangers and Clips

These quilt clips work perfectly for hanging small quilts permanently. They can be found on Amazon.

These are custom made quilt hangers that can be custom made or purchased specially for your quilt and its dimensions.