Quilt Themes

23  Popular Themes for your Memory Quilt

Sorority Quilt

Do you or some one you know have tons of t-shirts not getting much wear?  Put them to use in a Memory Quilt!  Below are some creative themes for Memory Quilts.

1.  High School, College, and/or Sorority Quilt-  Many of my clients order quilts made with their child's t-shirts from their high school, middle school and elementary school days. 

2.  Baby Quilt – have a quilt made out of the baby clothes, blankets, and fabric from the baby bumper.

3. 100 Good Wishes Quilt have a quilt made for your adopted child. Family and friends give an 8 inch square of fabric that has some  special meaning and a "good wish" for the adopted child. These squares are sewn together in a quilt and the child (that has very little     history) now has something of special meaning to pass down to her children. 

4.  Baseball Quilt, Football Quilt, Soccer Quilt or Hockey Quilt - create a quilt out of t-shirts from your favorite sports team

5.  Athletic Quiltuse your own sports jerseys or cheer-leading attire to make a quilt

6. Runner’s Quilt – use the t-shirts from marathons and 5K runs to create your own runner’s quilt to show your accomplishments.  You can even use a permanent marker to write the time you finished each race.

7. Event Banner use the t-shirts from past events to make a banner for the current event.  eg.a triathlon or marathon that you have run in or organized for many years.  Commemorate these years and the race with a beautiful quilted banner.  Who needs a boring vinyl       banner  that costs just as much. You can even raffle the banner off after the race!

8. Concert Quilt - make a quilt using t-shirts from your favorite concerts and bands.

9.  Travel Quilt if you are an avid traveler and collected t-shirts from your journeys, you can create a quilt to be reminded of your vacations.

10.  Hobby Quilt- create a memory quilt around hobbies or clubs that one is involved in, such as boy scouts, girl scouts, race car fan, Harley Davidson lover, skater, and gymnast to name a few.

11.  Professional Quilts- such as Army Quilt, Firemen Quilts, and Teacher Quilts

12.  Corporate Quilt use corporate logos and t-shirts to create a quilt for someone who owns a company or plays a major role in that company.  If a person is reaching retirement then this would be a great gift too.

13.  Breast Cancer Quilt these quilts are popular for raising money to go to Breast Cancer Research and to create awareness.  Many quilts have also been made to go to those battling breast cancer and survivors of breast cancer.

14. Memorial Quilt-these quilts respectfully remember those loved ones, who were dear to us, that we have lost.   

15. Chuppah Quilt-collect material from all of your wedding guests and have a beautiful quilt to drape from your chuppah.

16. Photo Booth Quilt-collect material from all of your wedding guests and have a beautiful quilt to drape from your photo booth! It makes a great background for  all of those fun photos!

17. HOG Quilt- Take those beautiful Harley Davidson t-shirts and make a quilt to remember!  Use orange and black as the accent colors.

18. A Bedsheet Quilt-Use those precious bed sheets of your child's youth and make a memorable quilt with them just like the Jasmine quilt below!

19. Family Reunion Quilt- Use those precious family reunion t-shirts that you have made for all of your family members and make them into a wonderful family quilt that preserves the many reunions you have had through out the years. Include a family photo in the middle     to make it really special, or the family  name embroidered in the middle!

McDonald Quilt

20. Retirement Quilt-Use a special picture of your team at work and surround it with beautiful fabric. What a wonderful parting gift for that special retiree.

21. Military Quilt- can honor our service men and women beautifully! Recently, I made a Navy quilt with 50 year old Navy uniforms that wear worn in the Vietnam War.  Seen below is also a Marine's Quilt filled with Marine t-shirts and uniforms.

22. Dog Memorial Quilt- can honor a sweet pooch who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Recently I made a quilt and filled it with sweet dog outfits and parts of his dog bed.  We all know how important our pets are and it is difficult when we lose them.

23. Scout Quilt- can honor either a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout! Recently, I made an Eagle Scout Quilt that illustrated an amazing journey in Boy Scouts-filled with honor and tradition!  It contained many badges, neckerchiefs, amulets, scouting uniforms, and of course t-shirts.

Scout Quilt