Crown Royal Pillows

Crown Royal Pillows 

Specialty Pillows like these two pillows turn out beautiful!  This custom made 16" by 12" pillow was made out of Crown Royal bags-what better way to re-purpose the bags into a beautiful office decoration. 

How many bags do you have ?

It was backed with a gorgeous black fleece.

This custom 20" pillow contains 20 Crown royal bags! The tassels from the bags were even added! It is backed with a super soft black flannel. 

Specialty pillows cost slightly more than the standard patchwork pillows due to the amount 0f extra labor involved.

The end result is worth it!

This custom 20" pillow contains 49 Crown royal bags! Special cording was added.

Cost: $130.00

Custom Crown Royal Quilts 

Crown Royal anyone? Check out this custom Crown Royal quilt made with almost 200 bags! It contains 357 blocks that were sewn on the diagonal with a special design in the middle as the focal point. Backed with a gorgeous purple flannel! Made for a wonderful client who indeed is a happy man with his quilt ;) Cheers Jon!

Please note that an enormous amount of labor went into to make this family heirloom.  Each block is 3.5 inches square!

Email Molly Fisher if interested in receiving a quote for a custom Crown Royal Quilt!