Applique is a fancy sewing term that means: a cutout decoration sewn onto a larger piece of material. An applique in the world of Memory Quilts is typically a piece of your treasured memory that will not fit into the "standard" quilt design chosen. Here at MQMB we don't discard it, we applique it! It takes additional time to cut the fabric and sew these patches or small blocks onto the quilt. But, in many cases it adds to the beauty and interest of the quilt! It makes the quilt extra special! Examples are:

  • Small logos from the front of a t-shirt onto the large block that contains the back of the t-shirt.

  • Ties

  • Bib overalls

  • Christmas stockings

  • Aprons

  • Baseball or soccer patches

  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout patches

  • Varsity and Junior Varsity letters

Some pictures of beautiful appliques:

The small logo from the front of the shirt was sewn to a block

The small logo from the front of the shirt was sewn to a block

A completely different small logo was added to this block

There are 10 appliques in this quilt: 2 varsity letters, 6 honor badges, and her name from the front of her varsity jacket!

Two Travel soccer logos were added to the gray block above

Ties can be added too!

These additional appliques make your quilt truly custom!