Enjoy the many T-shirt quilts that have been made over the years!

Wow! Such a wonderful video and testimonial of a very happy bride-to-be and her Memory quilt and pillow!

"The most special moment at my bridal shower was when I opened my last gift. My mom gifted me a custom trunk and inside of it was a custom quilt and pillow made out of all of my @jonasbrothers shirts I had made/bought since I was 13 years old. These shirts hold so many sentimental memories for me and she wanted a way for me to always have them with me in this next chapter of my life. It truly is one of the most thoughtful and special gifts I’ve ever received and I was not expecting it at all

Thank you to @memoryquiltsbymolly for working with my mom to make these for me. She took so much care and detail into making them. These were more than shirts to me. Each held specific memories and moments that I hold so close to my heart and she created something so beautiful with them! My mom had nothing but amazing things to say about her experience working with Molly. I can’t recommend doing something like this enough, whether it’s for concert shirts or shirts of a loved one! I will cherish this forever "