Small  Square Quilts

Small Square Quilts

Truly Custom Quilts

Small Square Quilts contain:

Small Square Quilts have grown in popularity over the years.  Originally MQBM only made them with baby items.  Small squares are needed due to the size of the baby clothes. Lately, many small square quilts have been made:

Denim Quilts

MQBM Small Square quilts are truly custom quilts! This quilt shown here is made up of over 15 pairs of denim jeans worn by a beloved husband who recently passed away.  Each square is 5 " x 5".  An enormous amount of labor went into making this due to the size of each square.  There are 108 squares of denim. MQBM had extra squares so a patchwork pillow was made to go with the quilt.  

A large box of very meaningful jeans was turned into a custom family quilt! 

Wedding Quilts

Wedding quilts with sweet sentiments written on each square from the big day. The colors of the day were incorporated beautifully!

A lot of pre-planning goes into making this type of quilt.

Pet Quilts

Pet Quilts made with the tiny garments of the beloved  pet. Shown here is  a small square quilt made in the traditional style with block sashing.

Over 50 garments were provided to make this quilt!

Crown Royal Quilts

MQBM has a love/hate relationship with these quilts. They are very difficult and very time consuming to make

Over 350 squares make up this quilt! So much labor but the end result is worth it.

Life Is Good Quilts!

MQBM just loved how this one turned out! So many Life is Good Shirts!  42 to be exact!

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