Backing Fabrics & Colors

Flannel or  100% Cotton

Each Memory Quilt is backed with either 100% cotton or super soft flannel. It is your choice!

This Block style lap quilt was backed with a 100% cotton speckled print. It is the traditional way of backing a quilt. The choice of color and print is broad.

This super soft tie dye flannel highlights the colors of this Modern style quilt beautifully. Flannel is extra warm, extra soft and super snugly ;) There aren't as many color or pattern choices in flannel.Type of fabric is a personal choice.  If your quilt is to be hung on a wall then I would recommend cotton backing.  If you think the quilt is going to be used on a bed or to snuggle on the couch with then I would recommend flannel.  

This traditional style lap quilt was backed with 100% cotton Hawaiian shirt  fabric to match the many Hawaiian shirts that were used in the front. 

This Modern style twin quilt was backed with powder blue super soft flannel. Perfect for a college dorm!


Many times, the backing color will be determined after the top quilt is created.  At this point, it is easier to chose colors and prints that match the top quilt. Bright colors usually work really well-especially tie dye! If you like a particular color palette, please let me know on the order form.  Also, it is best to select colors that will compliment the quilt as opposed to external things like the colors of the room.

Virtual Swatches

If the recipient of the quilt has a favorite color, the backing fabric can be chosen to reflect this. If the quilt is a school quilt it is fun to use the school colors.