Quilts from Baby Clothes

Got Baby Clothes?

Baby's clothes acquire history so quickly: There is the blanket he or she came home from the hospital in, the overalls he or she wore while learning to crawl, the flannel pajamas she fell asleep in at night. For those items too precious to give away, or too stained to pass along, there is a solution more creative and less cluttering than a box in the attic -- a baby memory quilt that is sure to become an heirloom. Baby Quilts, or small square quilts, come in 3 styles:  Diagonal, traditional, and modern style. Email MQBM for a custom quote!

Classic Diagonal Style

If the answer is "yes" to the question: "Got baby clothes, blankets, bedding and sleepers?",  then why not make a baby memory quilt and preserve those sweet outfits and wonderful baby memories. Baby quilts come in 3 sizes and 3 styles.

This baby quilt and pillow shown here was made out of precious garments saved for 30 years!  It was given to the mother-to-be at her baby shower. Kudos to the mom for saving these precious garments. Custom stitching and design makes these two products truly one-of-a-kind. 

This sweet baby quilt was made in honor of a great grandmother and given to the great grandchild at a baby shower! What a meaningful gift filled with all of great grandmother's favorite garments. It was backed with a super soft flannel coral colored fabric. Simply gorgeous!

Traditional Style

Baby Quilts take 3-4 times longer to make than a standard t-shirt quilt. Each block is 3-6 inches compared to 12-14 inch blocks.  My pricing reflects this. Some items included in the traditional baby quilt shown above:

Powell Quilt

Some items included in the traditional baby quilt shown to the right:

MQBM loves the colors in this quilt!

Cogan Baby Quilt

This gorgeous  baby quitl was made for a child who's name is Wild!  As you can see there are many "Wild" blocks. This quitl consists of 49 blocks! 

 I just love the colors and the them of this precious baby quilt.

Happy Customer!  Check out this happy lady who received this gorgeous twin size traditional style baby quilt made with many of her daughter's baby clothes!  Her husband even included a photo album of the children wearing these precious garments and the photos of the quilt building process! Wow! Such a thoughtful gift! Kudos to him!

Bartron Baby Quilt

Two gorgeous traditional style baby quilts made for two adorable twin sisters,  Lily and Cameron!

Backed with super soft flannel for their cuddling pleasure :)

Modern Style

Modern style without sashing fabric and many different shaped blocks (see photo album below) 

A Miracle

This Modern style, twin size baby quilt was made with over 75 baby items, from precious baby blankets to adorable onsies! David was born with significant health issues. Shortly after birth, his parents were told that he would most likely die in 24 hours. David was given to his mother and she held him for 24 hours. In that 24 hours, David started to rebound. Today, he is a healthy young boy running around the house enjoying his Memory Quilt that contains the many garments he wore during that first miraculous year of his life! 

What a story this precious Memory Quilt tells!

Sienko Baby Quilt

Two Twin size Modern style baby Quilts made for a set of twins.

The twin size quilt above was backed in a gorgeous pink polka dot fabric!

The twin size quilt above was backed in a beautiful red polka dotted fabric. Both of these quilts took an enormous amount of time to make, but the end result is a family heirloom that the girls will have for a very long time.

Go ahead, wrap yourself in memories of your child's baby days!

How cute is this pillow?  ;)

Love the idea of a Memory Quilt made with baby clothes, but need something smaller?

How about a Memory Pillow made with babies adorable clothes!  This 20" pillow is made with 14 onsies and baby shirts.

It is backed with super soft fleece and gorgeous cording. Learn more here.


Price: $120.00