Items For Quilt

Memory Quilts by Molly contain MORE than just t-shirts!

Memory Quilts can and should be made up of more than just t-shirts! So many of my quilts contain precious garments other than t-shirts! Select items that are most memorable for you or your loved one. Below is a list of items that work really well in these quilts:

  • mesh jerseys

  • high performance shirts like Under Armour

  • long sleeve and short sleeve knit shirts,

  • golf shirts

  • long sleeve, cotton button down shirts-Hawaiian shirts work well

  • sweat shirts

  • flannel or fleece pants

  • pajamas

  • all baby clothing

  • ties and handkerchiefs

  • cotton bed sheets can also be used

  • high school varsity letters, jacket or sweater

  • suspenders or aprons

  • boy scout badges

  • girl scout badges

  • baseball patches

  • canvas bags with nice logos on them

  • Baptismal outfits

  • any homemade cloth item-even felt

  • graduation gowns

Items that don't work well:

  • wool blankets

  • hats of any kind

  • anything that doesn't lay flat like socks

  • super thick items

  • button down baseball jerseys

  • acetate ribbons

  • garments with holes them. Holey garments makes a holey quilt!

The Modern style Lap quilt shown here contains:

  • a Baptismal Cap

  • a Baptismal outfit

  • 2 graduation gowns

  • a graduation sash

  • the hospital scrub that was worn when the child was born!

Items up close: A Baptismal cap was added to make this quilt extra special! A Catholic felt banner was added too!

Shown here is a twin size baby quilt filled with precious items from the child's infancy!

The Baby Quilt contains:

  • over 75 items!

  • several bibs

  • a bathing suit

  • holiday dress

  • bath towels

  • receiving blankets

  • a baptismal outfit

Up close of the special items incorporated in this quilt:

This baby quilt took an enormous amount of time to create. It is truly a custom quilt. The end result is a wonderful quilt for Josie's bed!