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Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Memory Quilts

Recently, I made a gorgeous traditional style lap quilt for a young lady's Bat Mitzvah.  This quilt was commissioned by her loving grandmother. She wanted to giver her granddaughter something very special on this most special occasion.  Typically money is given, but the grandmother wanted a gift.   Shown to the left is the "Keeping Quilt" that the grandmother and I designed.  Each piece of fabric represents a time in in their life.  Here is the what the grandmother wrote about it:

A Grand Mother’s Gift on the Occasion of her Granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah

"When the time came for me to decide what gift I wanted to give my granddaughter on the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah, I knew I wanted to tell the story of our first 13 years together.  I wanted to make certain that our joyous times together, like baking, reading, Scrabble playing, and story-telling about an elephant  named Ellio Dellio would not be forgotten.   I knew I wanted these precious memories kept alive so I found Memory Quilts by Molly and the owner, Molly Fisher, began to weave her magic.   Through fabric, she created a " Keeping Quilt" for my granddaughter to wrap herself in our cherished memories. 

Having read Patricia Polacco's  book entitled " The Keeping Quilt", I learned about her family's journey and her family's keeping quilt. I knew I wanted my grand daughter to have a Keeping Quilt of her own, as well, to treasure and travel with her now and in the future for generations to come-a family heirloom, to be sure!      Thank you Molly Fisher"

Working on this project was very gratifying. The quilt really does tell a beautiful story, just like Patricia Polacco's book, which is a wonderful story ;) 

Memory Quilts have been around since the 1700's!

See more photos below:

Batmitzvah Quilt

Chuppah Quilts

Make your Chuppah even more beautiful!

Add a custom Memory quilt made with fabric from all of your guests!

       In Jewish weddings, a bridal couple is covered by a canopy during the ceremony. The Hebrew word for this canopy is chuppah (diversely transliterated as huppah, huppah, chuppah, chupa, chuppah, hoopah.The idea of setting a bridal couple under their own sheltering sky makes intuitive sense. The tradition thrives in many cultures; Hindu weddings feature richly embellished canopies called 'mandap.' Dutch bride and groom sit under an evergreen ceiling. And in the US, couples of all faiths marry in arbors, gazebos, and even under arches made from brightly-colored latex (ie balloons!)A client recently had  her wedding and the wedding quilt that I made for her featured in Green Wedding Shoes! Below is the link to the beautiful feature and her beautiful wedding quilt! I am mentioned in the 2nd paragraph!  Evan and Erica feature story

Memory Quilts as Photo Booth Backdrops 

Most photo booths have a very plain (almost ugly) blue vinyl background for all of the photos that are taken of your very special guests!Why not jazz the background up with a beautiful memory quilt! If your guests supply pieces of fabric for the quilt-even better! Their picture can be taken in front of their block!

Erica Quilt