Pricing & Quality

Quality: Quilt vs. Blanket

When shopping for a Memory Quilt it is so important to understand the differences between a quilt and a blanket. Please make sure you understand these differences so that you will not be disappointed with your Memory Quilt. 

An MQBM Quilt contains:

A Blanket contains:

The overall quality and longevity of a blanket is far below that of an MQBM Memory Quilt. Please understand the difference before purchasing!            

 Comparing an MQBM  quilt to a blanket is like comparing a Coach purse made of buttery leather to a denim cloth purse. There just is no comparison.  Which do you want to own? Which do you think will last?

My Pricing

My quilts are priced to reflect everything that goes into making a premier family heirloom.  My quilts use only the highest quality materials.  There are three basic materials that go into all T-shirt quilts. There is a range of quality for  each type of material used.  A low priced quilt typically means lower materials were used. My quilts contain the highest quality material,  which means a higher priced quilt:

Quality Fabric

Quality  Batting

Quality Thread


  My quilt dimensions are larger than most quilts out there!




Sashing takes a lot of time. There are 4 sashing designs to choose from.


54 inches by 54 inches with premium friendship star sashing (fabric around the blocks) in the colors of your choice

Finished Traditional Lap Quilt.


54 inch by 64 inch with block sashing (fabric around the blocks) in the color of your choice


54" by 54" with staggered sashing (fabric around the blocks) in the color of your choice

BASIC Large Lap Quilt

Large Lap measures 58 inch by 58 inch with no sashing

MODERN Lap Quilt 

68 inches by 73 inch without sashing

BLOCK Lap Quilt    

60 inches by 75 inches with any color sashing around and through each block

$100.00 deposit is due at time of order. 

The balance is due upon completion of the quilt.

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