Memory Bears

Memory Bears 

Memory Bears are hot, hot, hot!  The demand for these adorable bears was too much for MQBM to ignore! Since July, 2020 when we launched this exciting new product the orders have been steady and each bear is cuter than the next!

Why MQBM Bears?

 What better way to honor a loved one by re-purposing a few favorite cotton shirts, golf shirts, flannel shirts, or even khaki pants into a hug-able Memory Bear that will surely bring comfort to all. These Memory Bears make perfect gifts. 

Shown here are samples of MQBM's 20" Memory Bear. Each handmade bear contains:

Shown here is one of MQBM'S favorite Memorial Bears. 

MQBM has made many Memorial bears over the years. But this one, made in honor of a loving husband and serviceman, is really special. It was made entirely from this 1968 army dress uniform. 

His medals, patches, and aiguillette (the ornamental braided cord) were all added. A standard tie was made instead of the bow tie. A quilt and pillow were also made. 

Uniform Bears have become very popular. Below are some of our favorites.

Cute Themes for Memory Bears 

Have Any Graduation Gowns Hanging Around?