Memorial Quilts

As long as we remember, those we love are never truly gone......

Quilts that are made to honor or remember a lost loved one can be both beautiful and comforting.  The quilts and pillows shown in the video honor very special people in our lives and have given each recipient something to wrap themselves in and hopefully has brought much comfort to them. 

Healing Hearts One Stitch at a Time

It is hard to know what to do with all of your loved ones clothes.  Why not turn them into a beautiful Memorial Quilt that will bring you comfort and preserve their memorable clothing. Items that can be used are t-shirts, dress shirts, knit shirts, ties and sweat shirts, to name a few.

Wrap Yourself in Their Loving Memory

Meet Nia and the Williams family. Nia is literally wrapped in the loving memory of her father who was taken from her way too soon. Emotions ran so high when she did this in my shop. I am so very thankful that these quilts bring comfort to her and her brother.

Block Style Quilts

This style is very popular with the Memorial market. Many times your parents or other loved ones do not have many t-shirts. MQBM designed this style specifically for garments other than  t-shirts.

Remembering a loving father and husband with a gorgeous Modern lap quilt:

Eckerle Quilt

Remembering a loving mother:

Sague Quilt1

Family Memorial Quilt Orders

MQBM specializes in making Memorial Quilts for families. I am always amazed at the number of family quilt orders that come in.  Family quilts are multiple quilts made for one family and given to the individuals in honor of a lost loved one. MQBM takes the extra time needed to coordinate these large projects and make sure that each quilt contains the appropriate garments and the proper style for the garments selected. Families rarely choose the same style for each quilt so it is important to discuss each style. I recently finished up the largest family order to date:

MQBM made six quilts for this family:

All were made in honor of a father and husband taken far too soon. The garments were carefully distributed among each quilt to make sure each one had the right ones.

Specific university shirts were added to the right quilt!

Four Block Style Lap Quilts made for One Family

Quilts can be made without any t-shirts at all!

This Memorial Block quilt was made from corduroy pants, gingham pants, denim jeans, and cotton button down shirts!

Calvillo Quilt

Quilts can be made with Knit shirts too!

The quilt seen below was made with a gentleman's knit shirts. Sadly, he passed away suddenly.  There were over 50 shirts so I made two quilts, one for each child.

Golf Shirt Quilt
Miller Quilt 1

Testimonials from satisfied customers who I helped through her grief and supplied them with a beautiful handcrafted quilt.

"Beautiful, heart felt, compassionate. Living in the Midwest and so near to Amish country, I thought it would be easy to have a quilt made. Not easy at all. I found Molly online and the Memory Quilt she made is amazing. I love it. After shipping many shirts to Pennsylvania, she reviewed the design, made changes and kept me updated throughout the process. She made a beautiful queen size quilt out of my husband’s shirts. The shirts that I remember him wearing and shirts that had special meaning. Molly listened to my story and understood the importance of the quilt, and the importance of each shirt that was included. I feel a sense of peace when I wrap up in the quilt, I couldn’t imagine a kinder person to make such a beautiful item. Thank you"

"This quilt is one of the most thoughtful and important presents my wife has ever received.

This will always allow us to remember her mom and the love of music that she passed down. Thank you Molly."

"Well, Molly, you are a fabric artist! I just love it and he will, too."

Hi Molly, I just looked at the finished Pepsi memory quilt for my son big Dan and I did not doubt for a moment it would be so beautiful. You are to be commended for not only your gift you have of putting these quilts together, but for your commitment in connecting with me on all my input on the making of it. i am going into the hospital Thursday for surgery just in time for the quilts delivery, Molly I truly believe this timing was meant to be. My beautiful son is always with me he will always be my baby boy . I thank you my daughter Laura thanks you and most of all big Dan thanks you,, you made his mom and sister very,very happy. I want all your fans to know you are aces in my book of memories. Thanks Kathy and Laura.

Receiving these testimonials meant a lot to me.  Making quilts and helping people along their journey is very rewarding.