Scout Pillows

Girl Scout and Boy Scout Pillows!

MQBM has a love/hate relationship with these pillows.  They are incredibly difficult to design and make due to the many badges and pins on the Boy or Girl Scout vests that need to be moved in order to create the pillow.   But one cannot deny the finished product is amazing! Please know that these pillows are truly custom work and pricing reflects this.  Shown here are a few pillows made over the years.

This is re-purposing at its best! The Scout vests typically get stored in a closet or dress drawer.  These gorgeous keepsakes can be displayed with pride anywhere! They make wonderful gifts any time of the year!

These pillows require tedious sewing techniques.  Most badges and pins have to be removed and re-sewn onto different positions on the pillow.   They require slow sewing techniques and a whole lot of patience due to the amount of small pieces needed to make each pillow! MQBM guarantees a top of the line product that includes the following: