Quilt vs. Blanket June 2020

Quilt vs. Blanket

What is the difference? Many people have been asking! MQBM makes QUILTS in six styles and nine different sizes that contain:

If the product you are ordering does not include the above then it is a blanket. There is a huge difference in quality, longevity, and overall construction of these products. Quilts cannot and should not be compared with blankets.

It's like comparing a Coach purse made of buttery leather to a Walmart purse. Which would you want?

Sadly, I have recently received several emails regarding poorly made Memory blankets.  Currently I am working on fixing one. MQBM typically does not do this. Most of the time the product cannot be fixed. 



Molly Fisher


Pictures Tell A Story

Below are two pictures of a Memory Blanket that MQBM is currently fixing and turning into a Memory Quilt.

Before and After

The picture shown below on the left is the poorly sewn shirt block. Seams should be straight and the block should lay flat. To the right is MQBM shirt block which will be sewn properly and straight!

A Keepsake that Will Actually Keep

Below is an email I received:

".....The quilt was not as sturdy as I had hoped. First, there is zero batting in my quilt. None- Zero. Zilth. The quilt was falling apart before the first washing. After three months was up I found myself repairing seam after seam. I wish I would have spent more money, because in the end you will have a keepsake that actually will keep. Can you help me?"

As always, if you are interested in ordering a Memory Quilt please contact me ASAP.  Summer is a great time to order as the graduation rush has subsided and the Holiday rush has not begun.

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