Bridal Pillows

Bridal Pillows

MQBM has had several requests to make pillows out of bridal gowns.  At first, we were nervous about cutting the precious garment.  But we quickly realized how beautiful the pillows turn out! So many customers comment that they would rather see the gorgeous bridal pillow on their bed instead of the gown stuck in a box under their bed! Bridal pillows are truly custom sewing, but the end result is spectacular.

What a beautiful story!  This pillow was made for a very lucky couple on their wedding day. It is made with the grand mom's gorgeous wedding dress from 1936! To make it extra special the photo was added to the back of the pillow. Both couples were married in August, just 79 years apart ;) A truly priceless gift! 

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This amazing 16" pillow was made with a bridal gown, a picture of the wedding invitation and a picture of the bride and groom!  Truly a spectacular pillow!

This gorgeous 16" pillow was made with the bodice f the bridal gown. So incredibly beautiful!